What’s Mycloud? 何謂金匱雲?



免費的雲和以前我們都用過的免費網頁空間或免費網路硬碟一樣,除了有被駭客入侵造成資料外洩的疑慮之外,且那些所謂的"免費",其實到最後都還是會被收回或者是要您付出相當的代價才能繼續使用的。 還不如讓我們能夠擁有私人的雲,由自己親自監控她的安全和隱私,使重要的檔案資料真正沒有被竊取的疑慮。因為這朵隱密又安全的雲,其實是藏身在您自家的保險櫃裡(守護天使個人金匱裡),連小偷和大盜也碰不著、摸不到。就像孫悟空呼喚筋斗雲一樣,只有主人自己才能在世界各地透過網路呼叫金匱雲,然後可以存取和管理裡面的檔案資料。甚至於在萬一之時,您還能透過遠端操作於60秒之內徹底毀滅這朵雲, 絕對不讓金匱雲裡的硬碟資料外洩(就算是佛祖也沒辦法使其復原)。

 What does it mean by Mycloud?
There are lots of clouds in the sky, and they are all free of charge.
What is mycloud? What exactly does it difference with other clouds?
The 21st century is a century of cloud technology. When people have digitized all information, a safe and secret storage space will become the most important issue for the modern people.
The free clouds are identical to free web pages or free network drives that we have used before. Apart from concerns over data leakage caused by hacker intrusion, the so-called “free of charge” will actually be recovered in the end or caused you to pay a considerable amount before you can continue to use it.
We might as well own our private cloud and monitor its safety and privacy personally, leaving us no doubts whether or not the important files and data would be stolen. This secret and secured cloud is actually hiding within the safe in your own house (Guardian Angel Safe) without being noticed or accessed by the thieves and bandits. It is just like Sun Wukong summoning its magical cloud as only the master can call the Mycould anywhere in the world through the network, and access and manage the data and files in the safe.
You can even totally destroy Mycloud within 60 seconds remotely in case of an emergency, absolutely letting no data in the hard drive to leak out from the Mycloud (even Buddha is unable to recover it). This Mycloud is the future magical weapon for modern people to protect themselves.