Centurion 重型金庫室


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* 防盜標準是根據歐洲安全測試規範 EN-1143-1, 並且由ECB.S 認證為
Grade-5~Grade12 的防盜等級
* 組合式的設計可拆可裝,可大可小,不但具有環保概念還能夠節省再建置的成本
* 最新的科技超輕材料,六面一致性的安全考量,有效的達到防盜防火的保護效果
* 於大樓建築物結構體以外的獨立個體,可有效的防止地震的扭曲扯動造成結構性損傷
* 配備二組金庫專用鎖具或可選用其他高安全電子鎖具,以防止歹徒技巧性的破壞鎖具

No longer only banks and other financial institutions invest in vaults. A growing number of companies in a variety of fields are beginning to feel the need for really secure storage facilities. Such needs very widely, from organization to organization and from year to year.  Whatever your need, if none of our standard designs suits you exactly, a unit can be custom designed to your specification-awkard spaces are no longer a problem.